What are managed print services (MPS)?

Management of all hardcopy output devices, such as copiers, is managed via managed print services. A multifunctional device is a printer, copier, or fax machine. Moreover, (company name or firm name)’s MPS helps address cloud printing challenges. Managed Document Services (MDS) cover a broader range of services, including document workflows and electronic document management.

A typical Managed Print Services(MPS) and Managed Document Services (MDS) arrangement combine existing hardcopy output devices with new hardware and software solutions into two separate and easily managed contracts. It is based on impressions, rather than a traditional time-bound arrangement, as a single or multiple ‘Cost per Page’.

Here are some things to expect.

Here are somethings that are to expect

  1. Provides you with custom-tailored services that fit your business needs
  2. With consolidated billing, you get comprehensive management information
  3. Flexible routing and document control processes
  4. Investment in continuous improvement of your print environment throughout the life of the agreement
  5. The ability to add new features and functionality to your core feature set as your firm grows

Our Axios-based software applications are the foundation of IT Solution Shop MPS solutions:

  1. Discovery and Design software helps us figure out the changes needed to help make your MPS solution work.
  2. Print Management software helps you manage print volumes and use user authentication.
  3. Device Management software helps you manage and monitor your office printers.
  4. Routing software routes scanned documents to different destinations, such as email, workflows, and fax servers.

Print Software Solutions

It is important to manage your print fleet in a way that maximizes productivity and reduces costs. In a multifunctional device, all of these functions are handled by one machine, prints, copies, faxes, and scans. When you add software solutions to the mix, you can really optimize how your documents and prints are handled within your organization.

You will be able to access information anywhere and at any time through automated solutions, and you will be able to maintain a secure audit trail as well.

The range of software solutions offered by (company name or firm name) can help you fit the right solution for your unique environment.

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